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Sail Shade World Pty Ltd (SSW) was founded in 2006 as a joint venture between a business with Internet and international trade experience and a company from Adelaide South Australia who had been manufacturing shade sails for 40 years.

In the beginning we started with a, very easy to use, online quotation system that would provide an accurate quote for a shade sail within 2 seconds of the data being entered. Very soon we found that we were getting a lot of business from Europe and the USA which was good for us but it also created potential problems. Two factors worked against us, labour costs is Australia are among the highest in the world and secondly Australia is about the farthest point on the globe from the markets that were opening up for us.

Coincidently with this, Gale Pacific - GAP(ASX), our shade cloth manufacturer had relocated their manufacturing to Ningbo in China so we thought about also making the same move and eventually made contact with Newgrand Necktie & Garment Co.,Ltd (NG) based near Ningbo in Shengzhou. NG were prepared to invest in the space with the machinery needed to manufacture shade sails for SSW. Once the manufacturing space had been created and the many sewing machines installed we sent two shade sail makers from Australia to China to train NG in the art of making superior quality shade sails.

Being close to our primary supplier was clearly advantageous since the shade cloth was, obviously, more favourably priced than the same item shipped 8,000 kilometres. The other factor in being so close to the primary supply source is that inventory requirements with the associated costs associated are lowered and we can operate production on a JIT basis.

We believe that the most valuable asset a business has is a customer, not it's real estate and equipment. As a new business it was our criteria that our products had to be made to the best possible standards, that delivery had to be fast and efficient, customer service and experience had to be the best. The person spending $500 receives the same service as the customer spending $25,000.

Moving our production to China was very positive. NG has proven to be dedicated to quality and performance, the cooperation from Gale on supply has been wonderful and DHL have provided the fast and efficient delivery we have required. Over the past 16 years they have successfully and quickly delivered our shade sails to 53 countries.

Our pricing formula is fair to the customer and fair to us as a business. We are not in a price war with our competitors we just do what is right.

Cost Price = (Materials + Manufacture + Overhead + Marketing)
Retail Price = (Cost Price + reasonable profit)
Final Price = (Retail Price + DHL costs)

NOTE: Please compare other shade sails manufacturers' prices. We are usually considerably less.


We have become the largest manufacturer of high quality custom made shade sails in the world.

Our low key and straight forward approach to business combined with 60 years of experience in shade sail manufacture is evident in our success.

Besides the tens of thousands retail customers we also have over 2,000 corporate and government customers.

Customer approval rating has never dropped below 98%. You can see the hundreds of positive comments posted in our customer forum.

Our worldwide portal is but we have many country specific domains, all our websites are in seven languages.

We have Nation Exclusive distributors for Albania, Brunei and Estonia & Spain. In all other countries we have authorised Dealers and Installers covering regional areas (we are always looking for more).


Sail Shade World has been, and continues to be, a business that I have vested myself heavily in. My personal goal to be the best at what I do is continuously reached every day, I love the personal interaction with my customers. I love that Sail Shade World makes a difference in so many thousands of people lives. When a customer writes "Oh Sailshadeworld Sailshade how do I love thee - let me count the ways!" and finishes his posting with " Some times I just like to look at my shade sail - one of the best things I ever did to our house!" I know that we are doing it right!

It's nice to know that our shade sails are helping children (and adults) gain protection from the Sun.

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