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We have an effective inventory of 22,736 shade sails for immediate delivery

Our selection of templated ready made shade sails is truly huge.
Right angle (90 degree) shade sails along with triangles, squares and rectangles A choice of 28 sizes in 9 colours for the Lightweight grade and 20 colours for the heavy duty commercial shade sails.
Free Delivery in UNITED STATES in 7 days.
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Sail Shade World is the first choice of Governments, Architects, Engineers and discerning individuals who demand the very best in quality, service and durability for their shade sails.

If you demand quality without compromise, delivery in a few days, service that is second to none and the knowledge that you are dealing with a global leader, then your only choices for your Shade Sails are on this website.


strong shade sail cornerMost Shade Sail failures start at a corner of the shade sails.

Each corner of our sails contains dual layers of seatbelt webbing – the strongest corners of their type.

Stitching is tight up to the massive marine grade 316 stainless steel corner rings preventing the rings from turning. Such fine attention to detail further guarantees the longevity and quality.

Sail Shade World insists on only the best.
If it’s not a Sail Shade World shade sail, it’s not the best!


Delivery by DHL, worldwide, within 7 days!
Each sail is made to order
We only use the best quality knitted shade cloth fabrics
Up to 98.8% UV protection
15 year warranty (5 year for Lightweight)
Heavy duty 50mm (2”) seatbelt webbing for Commercial weight shade sails double stitched around the perimeter.
Commercial grade 38mm (1.5") seatbelt webbing for Lightweight shade sails double stitched around the perimeter.
Massive & Strong marine grade 316 stainless steel corner rings
Best quality UV stabilized thread
Interlocked & double stitched seams

Thank you for visiting our website.This business was founded in June 2006 to make the very best quality shade sails for discerning people who understand that you get what you pay for. We offer very quick 7 day (or less) delivery, to all countries, and the very best in customer service.

Our strong work ethic, and not wavering from our goal to provide only the best, has seen us become the largest manufacturer of ready made shade sails and premade shade sails in the world with tens of thousands delivered to 48 countries. Over 50% of our business is to customers returning to buy more sail shades from us.

Many any outdoor area and many a swimming pools benefits from "The coolest shade under the sun ®".

On this web site we have a large selection of premade and ready made shade sails, or as some people call them sun sails.

All our prices for ready made shade sails and premade shade sails, include delivery by DHL Express.

Roland Sharman