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Get ready to be wowed by our huge selection of ready-made shade sails. We've got all kinds of shapes, from right angles and triangles to squares and rectangles. We offer 28 different sizes in 9 bright colors for our lightweight home-use shade sails. Or, you can check out our heavy-duty commercial shade sails that come in 20 different stunning colors.

This is the place to shop if you're looking for custom-shaped shade sails like triangles, squares, or rectangles.

Expect nothing but the best quality from us!
Delivery in UNITED STATES in 7 days.
Picture of shade sail from customer


Welcome to Sail Shade World – "The coolest shade under the sun®"

We make premium quality shade sails that are both useful and stylish. We are famous for our top-notch shade sails.

Our ready made and pre-made shade sails are not just for shade; they're also statements of your good taste. Designed to last for many years and look great, just like high end designer products they never go out of style.

Every Detail Counts

We are very proud of our work and our shade sails have our name discretely woven into the webbing, showing that it's genuine and top quality. We believe that luxury isn't just about how much something costs, but also about the experience it gives you and how well it's made.

Excellence is Our Norm

We could tell you how very good our shade sails are but with a 98% positive customer approval rating (take a look at CUSTOMER REVIEWS) we base it on what others say!

Buy wisely and choose Sail Shade World

Think not only about how shade sails can enhance your outdoor areas, but think about the 15 years, or more, of use you can expect from a fixed size, or custom made shade sail from us. We've been in the business since the 1960s, so we're very good at what we do. We also deliver super-fast, in 7 days or even less, anywhere in the world.

We've sold tens of thousands shade sails to many countries around the world. More than half our customers liked our products so much that they came back for more.

Use a shade sail, or a few, to make your deck, yard, garden and swimming pool cooler and more stylish and more useable. Click either of the Catalogue buttons to explore our range and see our prices.

Our prices include fast and reliable delivery through DHL Express, with it usually taking about 7 days from the time you pay until receipt of the shade sail.

Our pre-sized shade sails are already pre-configured, so you don't have to worry about figuring out the right size or design. Our Commercial quality shade sails come with an long 15 year guarantee and our lightweight residential quality shade sails, which are easy to set up and take down, boast a very good 5 year warranty Looking for a tailored solution? With a variety of dimensions and styles, including the classic Sail Shade, we ensure that your relaxation spot remains cool and inviting throughout the hottest days.

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