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I could go into great detail, and risk boring you, about our 60 years of experience as shade sail makers and dealers, show you lots of pictures, boast about 100s of fabulous reviews, super fast delivery, premium quality and attention to detail, customer service beyond expectation and 15 year warranty etc.. but I wont take up your valuable time! (If you want, you can see it all by clicking on the links above).


Just like a shop our premade and ready made shade sails are on display for you buy. IT'S SO EASY!

Join our Seven step shade sail program!
  2. Select suitable size
  3. Choose colour
  4. Specify quantity per colour
  5. Complete your delivery details
  6. Pay with Credit Card
  7. Seven days later you get your shade sail.

I am always available to help just click on the "TALK TO US" link and I, Roland, will personally take care of you.

I really appreciate your visit, it will be good to welcome you as another very happy customer in UNITED STATES
Picture of shade sail from customer


Sail Shade World: The Pinnacle of Shade Craftsmanship

Experience the epitome of quality and sophistication with Sail Shade World – "The coolest shade under the sun®." Our company stands as an authoritative figure in the shade sail industry, offering premium, ready-made shade sails that are not only practical but also a testament to refined taste. As an emblem of elegance and durability, our products are designed to remain timeless, paralleling the enduring style of high-end designer goods.

Attention to Every Detail

At Sail Shade World, our pride in craftsmanship is evident. Each shade sail we produce bears our discreetly woven name, a hallmark of authenticity and unparalleled quality. To us, luxury is measured not only by cost but by the lasting experience and superior construction of our products.

A Tradition of Excellence

Our customer satisfaction speaks volumes, with a 98% positive approval rating. However, we invite you to judge the quality for yourself through the glowing testimonials featured in our CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

Invest Wisely with Sail Shade World

Consider the enhancement a Sail Shade World product brings to your outdoor space, as well as the expectation of over 15 years of service from our fixed-size premade shade sails. Our legacy dates back to the 1960s, affirming our expertise and dedication to excellence in shade sail manufacturing. Furthermore, we guarantee global delivery within 7 days or less.

With over 60,000 premade shade sails sold worldwide, more than half of our customers return, drawn back by their initial positive experiences. Our catalog offers a glimpse into our extensive range and competitive pricing, inclusive of swift and reliable DHL Express delivery.

Our premade shade sails come with a robust 15-year guarantee for commercial quality and a commendable 5-year warranty for residential quality, ensuring ease of setup and durability.

Global Recognition and Prestige

Sail Shade World is not just a brand; it's a global standard for outdoor comfort with a presence that spans continents and industries. From luxury resorts to private residences of notable figures, from government institutions to scientific research centers, our shade sails provide solace and style.

Our impact on the educational and hospitality sectors is significant, with hundreds of schools and restaurants worldwide benefiting from our expertly crafted shade structures.

The Sail Shade World Legacy

Founded in 2006 as a visionary collaboration between internet commerce experts and a seasoned Australian shade sail manufacturer, Sail Shade World has revolutionized the industry with its online quotation system and strategic global positioning.

We hold the belief that customers are our most valuable asset. This philosophy has guided our approach to providing impeccable standards in product quality, delivery efficiency, and customer service.

Over the last 20 years, we have consistently delivered our shade sails to 53 countries with unwavering success. Our fair pricing strategy reflects our commitment to providing value to our customers without engaging in price wars.

Sail Shade World has solidified its position as the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality custom-made shade sails.

Our understated yet effective approach to business, coupled with six decades of manufacturing expertise, shines through in our remarkable success. With an unwavering customer approval rating and an extensive list of corporate and government clients, we continue to set the standard in the shade sail market.

We supply "The Coolest Shade Under the Sun ®" and the world is the beneficiary!.

On this website, we have a huge selection of premade shade sails. However, if you want custom-made shade sails, please visit our sister site SAILSHADEWORLD.COM where you will be able to use our unique online quotation system to instantly get a quote.

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